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Rada Wilinofsky - Web Developer

I will build your entire website from start to finish. I will help you pick a domain name and figure out hosting. I will design you a logo and copyright if neccessary, or find a way to incorporate your existing branding beautifully into your site. I will build a smooth responsive application and help with search engine optimization. I will deploy it and help you maintain it as it evolves.
The Plan:
  1. We sit down and talk about what you need for an hour - free of charge.
  2. If you want to move forward, you pay for my hour and I will give you an all-inclusive price range. I will estimate how many hours it takes me to do the job and multiply by my hourly.
  3. If you want to move forward, we sit down with the remaining questions that came up during quoting.
  4. I give you the exact price and you know exactly what you will be getting.
  5. If you want to move forward, I build the website. Depending on the project, you will be billed at milestones as I show you my progress.
  6. We deploy your super awesome website! You are happy, I am happy, your customers are happy!
  7. We talk about maintenance and support, if any.
If that sounds good to you, let's get in touch. Send me a message below - or ping me on Twitter. My hourly rate is CAD $65/hour.
Rada Wilinofsky